What is Magic Link Handwriting? 



Neat Handwriting Determines Success in Exams and Develops Self-confidence

The way in which a person writes affects every aspect of life, regardless of age. Neat handwriting can determine success in examinations, develops self-confidence, improves thinking skills, creates a  positive first impression on job application – the list is endless. But there is a solution!


IMG_0137   FullSizeRender A big improvement using the Magic Link Handwriting programme

The Magic Link handwriting programme consists of 30 steps which can be followed on a video. It teaches joined-up, cursive handwriting in a simple and logical way, using a step-by-step approach. There are minimum curls and loops with absolutely no “lead-in” flicks, which often confuse and slow down speed.  “Lead-in” flicks are also known as “entry strokes” or “initial flicks” and these hinder the neat and simple Magic Link letter formation.

There are many people, both young and old, right-handed and left-handed, who need to be re-taught the mechanics of writing. Targeted intervention using the Magic Link handwriting programme produces fantastic results. The Magic Link handwriting programme can be used for one person, in groups or in a classroom. These group lessons are an excellent, tried and tested way of motivating to work together to gain maximum confidence in handwriting. Follow the 30-step video programme and see the difference! Handwriting soon becomes significantly tidier and clearer. Spelling, punctuation and number formation also improve.  Learn to write neatly and quickly with confidence and pride.

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The Magic Link Handwriting Programme Design Includes: 

  • Proven results for both right and left-handers     
  • A multi-sensory approach                                       
  • Colour coded worksheets/workbooks
  • Easy to form Magic Link letter font
  • Visually simple & uncluttered presentation style         
  • Both spoken & written instructions clearly presented
  • Highly structured content
  • Magic Link exercise book with the Magic Link alphabet chart
  • Top tips with music to make handwriting fun
  • Certificate of Achievement award for primary school children

Learn Neat, Cursive Handwriting in 30 Simple Steps

 The Magic Link handwriting programme consists of 30 unique teaching steps and accompanying worksheets. The programme allows a child or adult to progress at their own rate. The Magic Link handwriting programme has been developed to be highly structured, fun and motivating.

As the programme progresses, handwriting becomes neater because the four aspects of good handwriting are taught i.e. grip, size, shape and spacing. The final step consolidates cursive writing with story writing and includes vocabulary to impress examiners.  At the end, children can be rewarded with the Magic Link Handwriting Certificate Of Achievement.

About the Magic Link Font – perfect for right and left-handers

The Magic Link programme introduces a specially designed, simple handwriting font. This font teaches letter direction, letter size and joined-up, cursive writing from the very start. There are NO lead-in flicks at the beginning of letters, which children often find confusing. The Magic Link font inspires confidence and shows pupils that letters can be written neatly and simply, with little scope for error.

The Magic Link course is also perfect for left-handers. Letter directions are taught the same direction as for right-handers. The only difference is the angle of the paper as it is important that the wrist does not cover the words and sentences to obstruct the line of vision.  Left-handers often learn bad habits and Magic Link will teach clear, neat cursive handwriting.