Learn neat, cursive (joined-up) handwriting in 30 simple steps

The Magic Link handwriting programme consists of 30 unique teaching steps which can be followed using video lessons and accompanying worksheets. It teaches neat, cursive (joined-up) handwriting in a simple and logical way, using a step-by-step approach. There are minimum curls and loops with absolutely no ‘lead-in’ flicks, which often confuse and slow down speed. The programme has been developed to be highly-structured, fun and motivating and allows pupils to progress at their own rate. Perfect for 6-18-year olds, as well as adults and suitable for both right and left-handers.

Learn neat, non-joined handwriting in 15 simple steps

Younger children, age 5 years old, can achieve neat, tidy, non-joined-up handwriting in 15 simple steps. Watch the video lessons and follow the instructions to learn the correct pencil grip, posture and letter formation. This programme teaches capital letters, simple punctuation and numbers. The unique Magic Link font motivates children to make handwriting easier and more enjoyable.

non joined course

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme design includes…

  • Highly structured content for right and left-handers
  • Colour-coded worksheets to promote visual memory
  • Visually simple & uncluttered presentation style
  • ‘Magic Link’ font for easy letter formation
  • Clear spoken & written instructions
  • Improves reading spelling and phonics
  • Top tips with music to make handwriting fun
  • Certificate of Achievement award
Full 30 steps

Neat handwriting determines success in examinations and develops self-confidence

The way in which a person writes affects every aspect of life, regardless of age. Neat handwriting can determine success in examinations, develops self-confidence, improves thinking skills, creates a positive first impression – the list is endless.

There are many people, both young and old, who need to be re-taught the mechanics of writing and there is a solution! Targeted intervention using the Magic Link Handwriting Programme produces fantastic results.

10 reasons why good handwriting is crucial

Educationally sound

The Magic Link handwriting programme focuses on teaching handwriting in a highly structured format for sustained success. It has achieved fantastic results for right and left-handers in primary and secondary schools. See ‘before’ and ‘after’ . Excellent results achieved for pupils with SEN including dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia and/or autism where written work is often a difficult and disliked area.

Students are taught the correct motor movements for letter and word formations and make a significant improvement in both the quantity and quality of their written work. The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can be used for one person, in groups or in a classroom and enables a student to write neatly with confidence and pride.


The Magic Link font

The Magic Link programme introduces a specially designed, simple handwriting font, perfect for both right and left-handers. The ‘Magic Link’ is a small dash that enables pupils to write neatly and keep the letters even. There are absolutely no lead-in flicks, also called, entry-strokes, or ‘whoosh-ins’, at the beginning of letters, which many children find confusing.

As the programme progresses, handwriting becomes neater because the four aspects of good handwriting are taught i.e. grip, size, shape and spacing. Magic Link font inspires confidence and shows pupils that letters can be written neatly and simply, with little scope for error.

non -joined

Non – Joined (Print) for 5-6 Year Olds


Cursive (Joined-up) for 6-18 Yr Olds