Contents for the 30 step Magic Link Handwriting Programme (cursive)

  • Over 7 hours of clear teaching video instructions divided into 30 simple steps.
  • Colour coded workbooks written in the unique Magic Link font enables clear cursive handwriting.
  • Discover how to achieve neat, legible, joined-up, cursive handwriting that can be used at school as well as in everyday life situations.
  • Build confidence fast by following this highly structured technique.
  • Lively music and ‘top tips’ throughout to reinforce learning.
  • Learn accurate formation of capital letters, punctuation and numbers.
  • Incorporate cursive writing in sentences, story writing, diaries and complex vocabulary.
  • Writing exercises to build up speed and consolidate progress.
  • A certificate of achievement is available for both primary and secondary school children on successful completion of the programme.
  • Perfect for primary,  (6 years and up) secondary school children and adults.
  • For all pupils including those who are hypermobile, have dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, Asperger’s or for people who are simply left-handed.
  • Achieve neat handwriting in about 4-6 weeks.


Primary and secondary schools – please click here for classroom prices

Full Magic Link Programme

The Full 30-step Magic Link Handwriting Programme