Group lessons take place in Finchley, Golders Green, Fulham(For locations click here.)  There are usually around 2 to 4 children in a group and the lessons are highly structured. As pupils progress through the Magic Link workbook, their cursive writing becomes noticeably neater and tidier, providing them with an essential skill, which will prove beneficial throughout their life.

Magic Link handwritingSessions involve direct work, as well as demonstrations on follow-up exercises at home. Homework, 5-10 minutes per day, is set as regular practise is important in speeding up and achieving goals. Usually, pupils require around 10-12 lessons to complete the programme. There may be slight variations depending on the severity of the handwriting and the age of the child.



Magic Link HandwritingChildren are taught in small groups and these highly intensive sessions last for 45 minutes. These groups lessons are an excellent, tried and tested way of motivating children to work together to gain maximum confidence in their handwriting and or spelling skills.

Parents are encouraged to reinforce exercises at home in order to achieve maximum potential as quickly as possible. Story writing strategies and consolidation exercises are given once the pupil has reached the final step 30. This will reinforce handwriting skills and focus on speed, spelling, presentation and transfer into school work.

Initial Consultation for Handwriting - in a Group - £140.00

Subsequent Handwriting Group Lessons - £40.00

During this initial 45 minutes session, a handwriting sample will be taken and the pupil will be given the first Magic Link workbook and taught the first steps of the Magic Link Handwriting Programme. The second and third books are included as the student progresses through the programme.

This session includes the first Magic Link workbook, a Magic Link exercise book, an ergonomic, triangular pencil and a Magic Link bag. Homework will be explained to parents or carers at the end and consists of 5 -10 minutes, once or twice, per day. Homework should be copied into the exercise book and brought to every lesson.

The consultation fee applies to all pupils who have not attended classes for 6 months or more. For children who are on pupil premium, an invoice will be sent directly to their school, subject to authorisation.

Pupils of all ages are taught in small groups and these highly intensive sessions last for 45 minutes. It is sometimes possible for older pupils to receive double lessons so they can finish the programme faster.

These groups lessons are an excellent, tried and tested way of motivating children to work together to gain maximum confidence in their handwriting and or spelling skills. Parents or carers will be encouraged to reinforce homework exercises at home in order for the child to achieve maximum potential as quickly as possible.

At the end of the programme, on step 30,  pupils will be required to consolidate their free writing.  This is to reinforce neat, cursive handwriting as well as improve speed, spelling, presentation and confidence.

Finally, a ‘before’ and ‘after’ handwriting sample is taken to highlight the difference that the Magic Link Programme has made!



By cash, cheque or bank transfer the end of each session.  Pupils who are on pupil premium can be paid directly from the school, as long as written permission has been granted. Payment can also be made directly into Paypal account:

Schools can pay directly for their pupils who are on pupil premium, as long as permission from school has been granted.

Primary and Secondary School Prices

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can be purchased as an annual license agreement or as complete workbooks.  To view the primary and secondary school price list please click here.


No charge will be made for cancellations made 48 hours prior to the appointment. Otherwise, a full charge will be made, subject to discretion.

Intensive 5-Day Handwriting Workshop - for Primary and Secondary Pupils

The 5-day intensive handwriting workshop starts Monday, Dec 18th to Friday, Dec 22nd 2017

Year 4 and above, including secondary school pupils

Time: 9.0am-11.30am in Finchley, North London.

Children in Year 2 and 3

Classes from  2.0pm -4.30pm in Finchley (includes short breaks for football and trampoline.)

To book, please fill in the contact/enrol form and send a handwriting sample via email.

Intensive courses also available in Fulham, South London. Click here for further details.

Price £499 includes Magic Link workbooks and course materials.

Magic Link Teachers

Magic Link teachers are located in North London, Loughton and Fulham. School visits are available on request, subject to availability.  To see the list of Magic Link teachers, please click here.


If you are a qualified primary teacher, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or dyslexia tutor in the UK and are interested in becoming a Magic Link tutor, please email me directly with your CV and details.