14-year old handwriting before and after the Magic Link Handwriting Programme

Magic Link Handwriting has improved handwriting and confidence

Magic Link Handwriting -an amazing achievement!

The Magic Link programme has helped my 14-year-old with his handwriting and confidence . I think it is an amazing achievement. Before my son could hardly write in a straight line with the correct formation and his handwriting has now completely transformed.  My son enjoyed the scheme and he is so much happier both at school and  at home. I would highly recommend this to anyone whose child has poor handwriting.

 Mrs. L  (Son age 14 years)

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Amazing achievement with handwriting and confidence!

Hi Lee,

Just had to let you know Daniel started writing his first spooky “novel” this afternoon!!! This is has blown me away. He would never have even thought of doing this before coming to see you. It isn’t a homework of any sort. It is just what he feels like doing!

Thank you again!!!!

The course is easy and simple to follow

Daniel writing

Daniel started writing his first spooky "novel". It is just what he feels like doing!

Magic Link Handwriting has absolutely transformed my children’s handwriting. The programme is exceptional – easy to follow and methodical in it’s approach. I have seen outstanding progress in the legibility of my pupils’ writing and their confidence continues to grow as the programme develops. I love the way it ties spelling patterns and word families into each step and I would recommend this to any teacher of any age. Thank you Lee for developing a programme which has unlocked my children’s ability to get their ideas on the page in an easy and speedy way.

 school 3
Caitlin van Ballekom

Year 3 Teacher
Wandsworth Prep
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Magic Link Handwriting has absolutely transformed my children's handwriting.

The impact is amazing!                                    Mrs Hall (son age 7 )

Thanks.  This has worked.  The videos are great.  Very clear and easy to follow.  James appreciates the video links, as your instructions are clear and concise.  He is a good visual learner and it is really helping.  Thanks for sending this.
I was overjoyed to see the smile on James’ face and his confidence grow.  The impact is amazing as he has gone from being reluctant to write, to readily picking up a pencil to write following your programme this evening.  He did not have that fear or low self esteem.  I am astonished at the unbelievable difference you have made and James knows he has achieved, as he can see the difference.  The way you teach is so much easier for children to understand and to be able to follow, which boosts their confidence and encourages them to take the next step.
I have always had confidence in James’ ability, but did not know how I could unlock the key to his potential in helping him to handwrite at home.  It lifted my spirits to see you do it and also to realise just how much James is mis-understood.
Thank you so much.

The course is easy and simple to follow


The impact is amazing!

We haven’t tried any other handwriting programs – we don’t need to now!        Richard, Goffs Oak-Herts (Son age 11 years)

Archie very proud of his neat, cursive handwriting.

Archie very proud of his neat, cursive handwriting.

For years our son suffered with poor handwriting, and looking back his school didn’t know how to deal with it. He recently moved to secondary school and he was becoming more anxious, concerned that teachers/examiners wouldn’t be able to read his work. Lee Dein and her Magic Link handwriting system has completely transformed his handwriting. Starting with the basics of how to properly hold a pencil/pen (our son is left handed) all the way through to how to produce neat, joined-up writing, this program has worked fantastically for us. He’s now able to go to school without being worried that people might tease him or he might get bad grades because of his handwriting.
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We haven't tried any other handwriting programs - we don't need to now!

A completely new approach that works quickly and effectively.          Mrs K – Paediatric Occupational Therapist (daughter 10 years old)

My 10 year old daughter’s handwriting has been totally transformed by Lee’s method. Despite repeated attempts using the usual hand writing programmes there was never any significant or lasting improvement; either via home or school.. However within 4 sessions Lee has changed the way she writes.

I worked as a paediatric occupational therapist for over 10 years and despite my extensive experience I had not been able to resolve my daughters handwriting problems. Lee takes a completely new approach and one that works quickly and effectively.

I cannot recommend Lee enough. She really is a treasure and her method works. Its simple, quick and logical.

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A completely new approach that works quickly and effectively

My boys are hypermobile and O.T’s had given up.              Mrs L P (Sons aged 11 and 7)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sorting out y’s handwriting.
His teacher said that before he could not read it and now he can.  In addition my other son in year 6 was going to be given a scribe for his sats as his writing was slow and illegible.  Now by following your method in your correspondence course his handwriting is stunning.  This has taken place on a mere two months.  He doesnt have a scribe any more.  whenever I show anyone the before and after they are astounded including the school senco.  My boys have gained so much confidence in school and they are no longer embarrassed about their handwriting. They are coming on leaps and bounds. Both boys are hypermobile and the school  OTs had given up.
Thank you so much for what is really a life changing experience.
I will certainly continue to recommend you to anyone who asks.
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My boys are hypermobile and O.T's had given up.

Exceptional results.                                                  Mr D Meyer. Executive Headteacher, Hasmonean High School

“Ms Dein’s innovative approach to dyslexia and handwriting difficulties has seen exceptional results, in what is a notoriously difficult area. I have seen considerable improvement in the students referred by Hasmonean, especially in regards to the legibility of their handwriting and accuracy of spelling.

Ms Dein has provided her students the confidence and ability in their reading and writing, which is an essential life skill. I wish her continued success in this important work, and have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

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Exceptional results.

His writing is a million times better!                                                                                  Mrs D Innes. (Son 10 years old)

Joshua’s handwriting was holding him back at school.  His writing was often illegible, which was frustrating as he has so many great ideas.  His writing was so bad that even he couldn’t read it.  Friday was his least favourite day of the week because it was Big Writing day!

I tried everything I could think of to help him – pen grips, handwriting books, writing a daily diary, copying paragraphs out of his favourite books.  Nothing helped!  Then I found you and after only a few lessons with you his handwriting is a million times better.  It’s improved so much that his teacher has given him his pen licence!

Thank you once again for unlocking his handwriting so that he can share his great idea.

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His writing is a million times better!

A dramatic improvement in his handwriting                                                         Dr Soo Lim (son 6 years old)                                   

Since following the Magic Link handwriting programme my 6 year old has made a dramatic improvement in his handwriting.  He now has correct letter formation with appropriate ascenders and descenders. His writing is legible and neat. In addition, my son has a diagnosis of autism and was finding it difficult to understand where to put his letters however, Magic Link handwriting programme is set with such clear verbal and visual cues that he was able to follow the program easily. My son is also able to generalise the rules of the handwriting program and is writing words that have not been specifically taught in the program.

I would not hesitate to recommend the program to any parent. It has been highly successful.

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Dr Soo Lim