Exceptional results

Ms Dein’s innovative approach to dyslexia and handwriting difficulties has seen exceptional results, in what is a notoriously difficult area. I have seen considerable improvement in the students referred by Hasmonean, especially in regards to the legibility of their handwriting and accuracy of spelling.

Ms Dein has provided her students with the confidence and ability in their reading and writing, which is an essential life skill. I wish her continued success in this important work and have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Mr D Meyer

Headteacher -Hasmonean High School 

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Exceptional results.

His writing is a million times better! Mrs D Innes (Son 10 years old)

Joshua’s handwriting was holding him back at school.  His writing was often illegible, which was frustrating as he has so many great ideas.  His writing was so bad that even he couldn’t read it.  Friday was his least favourite day of the week because it was Big Writing day!

I tried everything I could think of to help him – pen grips, handwriting books, writing a daily diary, copying paragraphs out of his favourite books.  Nothing helped!  Then I found you and after only a few lessons with you, his handwriting is a million times better.  It’s improved so much that his teacher has given him his pen licence!

Thank you once again for unlocking his handwriting so that he can share his great idea.

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His writing is a million times better!


A dramatic improvement in his handwriting – Dr Soo Lim (son 6 years old)

Since following the Magic Link handwriting programme my 6-year-old has made a dramatic improvement in his handwriting.  He now has correct letter formation with appropriate ascenders and descenders. His writing is legible and neat. In addition, my son has a diagnosis of autism and was finding it difficult to understand where to put his letters, however, Magic Link handwriting programme is set with such clear verbal and visual cues that he was able to follow the program easily. My son is also able to generalise the rules of the handwriting program and is writing words that have not been specifically taught in the program.
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Dr Soo Lim

Thank you so much for sorting out Dan’s handwriting Mrs H (Son 10 years old)

Thank you so much for sorting out my son’s handwriting. He is now a confident and happy person with a bright educational future ahead.
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Mrs H (Son 12 years old)

Beneficial for children with linguistic difficulties Headteacher, Mulberry House School

testimonialLee has worked successfully with children with a range of additional needs. The structure of her programme can be especially beneficial for children with linguistic difficulties. Children who have attended Lee’s speech and language sessions have become more fluent articulate speakers. As a member of the National Handwriting Association, Lee supports the approach used by our school. Children who have found handwriting a challenge have improved significantly under the Magic Link programme.
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Head teacher, Mulberry House School

Excellent for classroom use Sheryl Bekhor ( SENCo) Year 4  Brooklands Junior School, London, NW11

I piloted this programme with my year 4 class and the improvement in their writing was phenomenal. It took a while for the results to reflect in their class books for all written subjects but by the end they were writing beautifully using the Magic Link. The children were encouraged throughout the programme as they could see how their writing was improving and wanting to impress.
I used triangular pencils but not triangular pens. I would recommend triangular shapes for both. I loved the fact the programme was set out in steps and it was extremely easy and clear to follow.
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Sheryl Bekhor ( SENCo ) Year 4Hilltop London NW11 6EJBrooklands Junior School

My son’s confidence has dramatically improved RF ( Son 13 years old)

improvement  My son’s handwriting has dramatically improved: Before starting lessons with Lee, my son could barely hold a pencil and was fearful of writing. Lee quickly taught him the correct pencil grip, letter direction and joined up handwriting.He is now one of the neatest writers in his class. His confidence has boomed and he is a much happier child.”
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RF ( Son 13 years old)

Huge improvement Mrs R D (Daughter 7 years old)

testiminial“My daughter’s handwriting has gone from illegible scrawl to neat, well-formed letters. As well as letter formation Lee has worked on her spelling, teaching him the basic rules and also on his punctuation. As a result, her reading has improved too as well as her ability to concentrate. Huge improvement. Many thanks to Lee!”
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Mrs R D (Daughter 7 years old)


Recommended by the Special Needs Coordinator

Lee was highly recommended to us by the special needs coordinator at my son’s school. My son has been seeing Lee for his handwriting issues and has made great progress. After only a few sessions he was able to write neatly and his self-confidence has massively improved.
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SW (Son 7years old)