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About the Non-Joined-up Magic Link Programme (For 5 -year-olds)

Non-Joined-up Handwriting 

(short clip: STEP 5 :’a’ vowel)

 Non-Joined-up Handwriting 

(short clip STEP 11: ‘i’ vowel)

 Non-Joined-up Handwriting

(short clip STEP 13: ‘u’ vowel)


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15 - step Non Joined-up programme
Full non joined-up online course - £99.00
  • 5- year-olds achieve neat, tidy, non joined-up in 15 simple steps.
  • Highly structured programme to improve legibility, speed and confidence.
  • Unique, simple Magic Link font motivates to make handwriting easier and enjoyable.
  • 4 hours of clear teaching video instructions with accompanying printable worksheets.
  • Left and right-handers learn correct grip, posture, letter and sentence formation.
  • Includes capital letters, punctuation and numbers.
  • Each video lesson takes around 15 minutes.
  • Win a Certificate of Achievement on completion.
  • 12-month unlimited access to this online course and worksheets; on average learners complete the 15 steps within 4-6 weeks.
  • Created by a speech and language therapist + dyslexia teacher with over 30 years of experience.
  • Compatible browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.