Pupils from the following 100 schools have successfully completed the Magic Link Handwriting Programme:

1Abercorn School-NW826Fairley House-SW151Lyndhurst House PrepSchool-NW376Rowan Preparatory-Claygate
2Abingdon House-NW127Fortismere Secondary School-N1052Lyonsdowne School-Barnet77Sinai School-Kenton
3Akiva School-Finchley28Fulham Preparatory School-W1453Manor Lodge School–Radlett78Sinclair House School–SW6
4Alif Academy-Forest Gate29Garden suburb School-NW1154Martin School-N279St Anthony’s School-Hampstead
5Amesbury Prep-Guildford30Golder’s Hill School-NW1155Mathilda Marks-Kennedy-NW780St Columbus School–St Albans
6Ann Mount-N231Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys-Elstree56Menorah Foundation-Edgware81St Christopher School-Hampstead
7Arnold House-NW832Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls-Elstree57Mill Hill County High-NW782St Gilda’s School-Crouch End
8Bassett House-Kensington33Hampstead Hill School-NW358Morasha Primary-N383St Joan of Arc School-Highbury
9Beit Schvidler-Edgware34Hampstead Parochial-NW359Moriah Day School-Pinner84St Joseph’s Catholic Primary-W9
10Broadfields Primary-Edgware35Hasmonean High School-Hendon60Moss Hall Junior School-N385St Michael’s Primary-Highgate
11Belmont School-Mill Hill36Hawkesdown House-Kensington61Mulberry House School-NW286St Mary’s School-Hampstead
12Brookland Infant+Junior-NW1137Henry Maynard -Walthamstow62Nancy Reuben Primary-NW487St Paul’s Cathedral School-EC4
13Camden School for Girls-NW538Highgate School–N663Noam Primary School-Wembley88St Peter’s and St Paul’s-EC1
14Cameron House School-SW339Heathside Preparatory-NW364Norfolk House school-N1089St Philip’s Independent-Kensington
15Channing School-N640Horris Hill Boarding -Newbury65Norland Place-Holland Park90Sussex House School-SW1
16Charlgrove-N341Immanuel College-Bushey66North Bridge House-NW191Tetherdown Primary–Muswell Hill
17Chesham Grammar-Chesham42Independent Jewish Day-NW467N W London Jewish Day School-NW692Trevor Roberts–NW3
18Chigwell School–Essex42JCoss Secondary–New Barnet68Parsons Green Prep School-SW693Thomas’s School-Fulham
19City of London Boys-EC444JFS Secondary-Kenton69North London Collegiate-Stanmore94The Avenue Pre-Prep N6
20Coleridge Primary-Crouch End45Kerem School-N270Princess Frederica School-NW1095UCS Prep/Junior/Senior–NW3
21Christ’s College Secondary–N.346King Alfred School-NW1171Radlett Prep School-Radlett96Westminster City School-SW1
22Dulwich College–SE2147Kings Junior-Canterbury72Raphael Indep–Hornchurch, Essex97Westminster Under School-SW1
23Eaton Square School–SW148La Petite Ecole Bilingue–W1073Rhodes Ave Primary -Muswell Hill98Wetherby School-W1
24Eden Primary-N1049Latymer Prep School–W674Rimon Primary-Golders Green99Wolfson Hillel Primary-N14
25Etz Haim School-Mill Hill50Lochinver House -Potters Bar75Rosh Pinah School-Edgware100Wren Academy-Finchley

Schools currently using or, who have used, the Magic Link Handwriting Programme

UCS Pre-Prep
36 College Crescent

Primary and secondary schools using the Magic Link programme

This is the scheme that we love and we are advocating. It’s great!  Zoe Dunn- Headteacher

Magic Link has been fantastic at UCS Pre-Prep. We have our own Magic Link Experts who go to different classes to motivate and teach their peers. It has been a welcome change from the continuous cursive. The children’s handwriting has improved greatly.  Sophie Theis – Class Teacher

Wetherby House School
11 Pembridge Square
W2 4ED
Primary and secondary schools using the Magic Link programme

The boys have been absolutely loving the program and have been so pleased to see improvement in the boys’ handwriting already. The boys are thoroughly enjoying their twice weekly sessions and diligently complete ten minutes of handwriting practice at home each day. They are loving noticing the improvement in their writing and often remind each other about pencil grip/policeman’s hand etc. during class time too. So great to see!

Miss Bethany Wilshire- Class Teacher

Pinner Wood Primary School,

Primary and secondary schools using the Magic Link programme

We have roughly two 30/45 minute slots a week of the handwriting. I am working in year 2 when they first learn to join and they are making fantastic progress! Children are loving it and their handwriting is great. Further up the school, we are already seeing a difference and the year 1 children completing the non-joined programme are all linking their letters which is fab!

All in all it’s great and we are seeing fantastic progress so thank you!!

Christina Margrave- Class Teacher

Kings Ely Junior School

Kings Ely school

The programme has been working well. The children who it worked best with are those who took a real pride in their improvements; the results seem to be much more lasting. I am planning to renew the licence, but I have to wait to find out new my budget in September.

Martin Bramley

KS2 English Co-ordinator, Teacher of Geography and ICT

Sir Francis Drake Primary School
London SE8 5AE

sir frances drake

The pupils are thoroughly enjoying the Magic Link course and I’m delighted with the progress the children are making. It has made a particularly positive impact with many of our SEN children and those that have fine motor skill difficulties. They have loved the lively music and the top tips are a great daily reminder.

Clare Haddon

Deputy Head, Year 6 Class Teacher

Ashfield Secondary School


Ashfield school

I’ve attached some examples of before, mid and current handwriting by two of our students, I’m sure that you will agree that the improvement is without a doubt noticeable.

Sue Cooper

St.Mary’s Catholic Primary School,

Newcastle Under Lyme,


St Mary's Catholic School

The programme has been going really well and my year 4 children are on step 16 now while the year 3s are on step 11. The majority of the children really like their new style of writing though it is not yet fully evident in their free writing – though free writing has neatened up as a result of what we’ve done so far.

Most children are comfortable with the new pencil hold now. They are enjoying the programme and can see the benefits.

Michelle Tierney – Pupil Premium Teacher

Albion Primary School,

Rotherhithe Tunnel

London SE16 7JD

Primary and secondary schools using the Magic Link programme

We had a staff meeting and asked all the teachers to provide feedback on how it’s going. The response has been very positive with teachers feeling that the programme has made a positive impact on their children. Teachers are generally using it three times a week and in some cases, this has made a rapid and dramatic improvement.

Year 2 teachers said that it helped their children differentiate tall and short letters and Year 4 were also very positive about the rapid improvement for their children.

Donald Morrison – Class Teacher

Goodrich Community Primary School
Dunstans Road,
London SE22

All going well here at Goodrich. I did a follow-up staff meeting and lots of positive feedback from teachers. I love how teachers and adults are using common language across the school (e.g. helicopter pad…)

SinhéidinGoguel – Deputy Headteacher for Teaching & Learning

Wandsworth Preparatory School,
Primary and secondary schools using the Magic Link programme

Your programme has completely transformed the handwriting and subsequent confidence and attainment of our children.

Ms. Bridget Saul- Headteacher

Brooklands Junior School,
Hampstead Garden Suburb London,

I piloted this programme with my year 4 class and the improvement in their writing was phenomenal.  It took a while for the results to reflect in their class books for all written subjects but by the end, they were writing beautifully using the Magic Link. The children were encouraged throughout the programme as they could see how their writing was improving and wanting to impress. I used the triangular pencils but not the triangular pens. I would recommend triangular shapes for both. I loved the fact the programme was set out in steps and it was extremely easy and clear to follow.

Sheryl Bekhor (SENco)- Year 4

Menorah Foundation School
Edgware Middlesex

The Magic Link programme has been used successfully with some of the pupils at Menorah Foundation School. I am very impressed with the transformation in their handwriting and delighted to see that they are using their new, neat cursive style in their school work.

Mrs Caroline Field- Headteacher

The Mount Mill Hill International School

One of my pupils from the Middle East had poor handwriting. Despite being 14 years old, he had never been taught how to write using English script and was, therefore, holding the pen incorrectly and not able to form letters correctly. After the ten-week programme, his handwriting had dramatically improved and his self-confidence followed. He can now write neatly and his teachers, who were previously unable to decipher his writing, have all remarked on the improvement. I would highly recommend the programme for anyone with handwriting problems.”

Sarah Bellotti- Headteacher

The Roche School

We have only started the programme with one child. He is moving through the programme quite slowly he is still on Step 3; however, we are starting to see a difference in his free writing which is great.

Louise Gilmartin- Class Teacher

Futures Community College Secondary School
Southend-On-Sea Essex

The students have adapted well and seem to be enjoying the programme. I was initially worried that they would find the programme a bit primary but I haven’t heard any complaints yet. Magic link is a fantastic programme and I am so glad that it was recommended to me Eastbury Community School.

Mrs L Bennett- Teacher

Harvey Grammar School

Cheriton Rd, Folkestone

CT19 5JY

We will be continuing with Magic Link for a small number of new Year 7 boys from September. We think this will suit the boys well and give them the best chance of success. Thank you so much for your help and support and I wish you well for the future.

Mrs Heather D Turnbull- Assistant Headteacher

Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School

31 Stanhope Rd,

London N12 9DX

morasha school

We brought it into Reception and KS1 however with the time constraints we have not been able to run it yet. We are planning on blocking out handwriting time for these year groups from September.

Suzi Goldman- Literacy Coordinator

Ludlow CE School

The Burway, Bromfield Rd,

Ludlow SY8 1GJ
Ludlow Junior School

I have spoken with our Head of English and they are happy for me to proceed with the Magic Link Handwriting Programme.

Many thanks for your help

Rowena Morris- School Business Manager, Ludlow Church of England School, SY8 1GJ

Chandlings School

Bagley Wood, Kennington, Kennington,

Oxford OX1 5ND

Chandlings School

I have invited 8 children to participate and we shall be doing it 3 times per week, for about 25 minutes per session.

One of the little boys I teach who completed the ML programme is so happy with his new writing that the other day he said to me ‘My new writing is like a present. It makes me want to give a gift to Magic Link’ – so sweet and entirely unprompted. Such a delight to hear, so I thought you’d like to know.

Ginnie Davis- Head of Learning Support

Cuddington Croft Primary School

54 West Dr, Cheam,

Surrey, SM2 7NA

Cuddington School

Purchased in Jan 2018 – awaiting feedback

Ark Swift Primary Academy School

Australia Road


W12 7PT

Ark swift academy

My teachers are very much liking the programme and find that it is making a difference to the children’s handwriting, writing speed and confidence.

Jason Marantz – Principal



Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

3 Jalan Ulu, Sembawang


Singapore school

The magic link handwriting programme is going well, mainly we see amazing progress with grade 1 and grade 2. The older kids find it easier to tackle longer assignments.

Shanthi Vaidyanath  | Vice Principal General Studies www.smm.edu.sg


The 10 benefits of using the Magic Link Handwriting Programme in Primary and Secondary Schools

1.The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can be integrated into the school curriculum so the whole school can learn neat, cursive, joined-up handwriting.
2.The Programme can be used for a whole class as it can be incorporated as part of a classroom activity.
3.The programme can be used with small handwriting intervention groups.
4.No teacher training is required; teachers/special educational needs coordinator (SENco) or teaching assistants are simply required to supervise the children to ensure that the pupils are following the steps correctly.
5.The simple Magic Link font makes learning how to write simple and achievable. There are no confusing lead-in (entry) strokes. This font has been designed to promote speed and result in smooth, flowing joined-up handwriting.
6.The Magic Link Programme incorporates a multi-sensory approach; there is music, auditory instructions and visual tips which are clearly presented to make learning fun.
7.The bright and colourful workbooks uses strong colour coding to provide motivation and fun and uses language aimed at both primary and secondary pupils.
8.The Magic Link Handwriting Programme is perfect for all pupils including those who suffer from dyslexia, dyspraxia, have Asperger’ssyndrome, those who are hypermobile or who are simply left-handed.
9.This highly structured programme starts at the basic level and progresses through vowels and vowel combinations. All pupils are fully aware from the start, that at the end of 30 steps they will achieve neat, cursive writing.
10.For primary school children, there is a “Certificate of Achievement” which can be awarded to provide an extra motivator.