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Tuesday (5 pm), Wednesday (4.30pm), Thursday (4 pm and 5 pm) and Saturday mornings (9.30am, 10 am and 10.35am).

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“The improvement I have seen in my son’s handwriting has been nothing short of spectacular! He is now writing neat, cursive handwriting on the line – when he wants to- and his work is legible!I also think it has probably helped with his spelling because he is now achieving full marks in his spelling tests most weeks.”   Misty Gale

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BEd, Headteacher, Educn Consult

I am an experienced education consultant and advisor, headteacher, classroom teacher, tutor, registrar and mother of three. Having worked and taught in several leading independent prep schools in and around London, I have a wealth of insider knowledge on exam and entry procedures.

Intensive holiday workshops available. Please see www.yellowbirdeducation.com


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