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 Short clip  -‘i’ vowel 

 Short clip -‘e’ vowel

Short clip Step -‘u’ vowel

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  • Learn capital letters, punctuation and numbers.
  • Build confidence and improve grades by following this highly structured technique.
  • Lively music and ‘top tips’ throughout to reinforce learning.
  • Cursive practice in sentences, story writing, diaries & complex vocabulary.
  • Win a certificate of achievement on successful completion of the programme.
  • Enjoy watching a fun cartoon animation after each step, to motivate younger children.
  • Created by a speech and language therapist + dyslexia teacher with over 30 years of experience.
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Short clip of  video lesson -press play

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Magic Link handwriting steps 1-10
  • Online access to pre-recorded lessons and printable, colour coded worksheets.
  • 3 hours of lessons divided into steps 1-10.
  • Understand how to hold a pen or pencil, correct posture and accurate letter heights.
  • Learn how to join letters, words and sentences to cursive (joined-up.) 
  • Short cartoon animation after each step to motivate younger children.
  • Achieve neat handwriting in 2-4 weeks.


(Essential to complete level 1 before starting level 2.)

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magic link handwriting
  • Access to pre-recorded lessons and printable, colour -coded worksheets.
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  • Develop different vowel combinations in words and sentences.
  • Learn to write capital letters and advanced punctuation.
  • Continue to learn cursive writing in a highly structured way.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Achieve neat handwriting in 2-4 weeks.


(Essential to complete level 1 before starting level 2.)

Magic Link Handwriting
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  • Online access to advanced work and printable worksheets.
  • Learn the last few capital letters, work on correct number formation and consolidation.
  • More complex vocabulary, to impress an examiner, is included for secondary students and adults.
  • Certificate of achievement for both primary and secondary school children
  • Achieve neat, cursive(joined-up) handwriting in 2-4 weeks.


(Essential to complete levels 1 & 2 before starting level 3.)