About the Non-Joined Handwriting Course (for 5 Yr Olds)

Non-Joined (print) Handwriting
(short clip: STEP 5 :’a’ vowel)
Non-Joined (print) Handwriting
(short clip STEP 11: ‘i’ vowel)
 Non-Joined (print) Handwriting
(short clip STEP 13: ‘u’ vowel)


(For 5 Yr Olds)

Course Content – Home Users


The pre-cursive, non-joined-up programme (print) is perfect for children who are 5 years old and not ready to learn cursive (joined-up) handwriting. Younger children, aged 4 years old, may benefit from the course as long as they have the fine motor control or strength to hold a pencil and show an interest in writing and are able to write the letters of their name. Older children who have difficulty writing legibly and have poor motor control may also do this course.

The 15-step Magic Link Handwriting Programme contains 4 hours of clear teaching video instructions with printable worksheets. The course is highly structured and divided into 15 simple steps. Words and sentences are taught vowel-by-vowel. The unique and simple Magic Link font motivates children and makes handwriting easier and letters. There are no unnecessary flicks and curls, which often confuse children.

The course contains 4 hours of clear, teaching video instructions with accompanying printable worksheets. Left and right-handers will learn the correct grip, posture, letter directions and sentence formation. Includes capital letters, punctuation and numbers. Each video lesson lasts around 15 minutes and there is a pause button to allow children time to copy the instructions.

There is lively music and ‘top tips’ throughout each step to reinforce learning and make the acquisition of handwriting fun and easy. Each step is reinforced by copying onto standard, lined paper to encourage transfer. At the end of the programme there is a Certificate of Achievement to motivate and reward.

At the end of this non joined-up course, children will be ready to begin the cursive (joined-up) programme and may start directly on step 4 of the cursive course.

The course is designed to run online on PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones, smartphones and tablets through an internet browser. Presented by Lee Dein, the creator of the programme, a speech therapist and dyslexia teacher, who has over 30 years of teaching experience.

Unlimited access for 12 months (on average completed in 6-8 weeks) and the price is for home users only.

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Full 15-Step Programme £99 (Approx. $125 USD)